Today’s Headlines

  • A Peek at Four Visions for Penn Station From Architecture Firms Selected by MAS (NYT)
  • 2nd Ave Sagas Blasts Bill Perkins For Obstructing 125th Street Bus Improvements
  • CB 12 Requested Uptown Bike Lanes, So Daily News Went on a Hunt for People Who Oppose Them
  • No Longer Under Arthur Browne‘s Wing, Alex Nazaryan Believes in Bike-Share (Atlantic Cities)
  • A Look at the Tech Behind Bike-Share (Gizmodo) as It Works Out Kinks During First Week (Crain’s)
  • AIA Unveils Mayoral Platform, Including Transit-Oriented Development and Complete Streets (Crain’s)
  • As Council Holds Ferry Hearing (Gotham Gazette), City Extends Post-Sandy Rockaways Ferry (News)
  • The Post Keeps Trying Its Hardest to Convince You That Bike-Share Is a Failure
  • But It’s the Observer That Published the Dumbest Bike-Share Editorial of All Time
  • Minerva Durham Carries the Torch for Petrosino Square Bike-Share Protest (Gothamist)
  • Anthony Weiner’s Bike-Share Photo-Op Delayed By Rain (Observer)

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