Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Official: Budget Passes Legislature and Heads to Cuomo’s Desk (News, WNYC)
  • Daily News Blasts Simcha Felder and Marty Golden for Failure to Act on Speed Cameras
  • Fung Wah Bus Was Even More Dangerous Than You Thought (TransNat, WSJ, DNA)
  • The Old Penn Station Is Never Coming Back and Moynihan Station Is No Great Shakes (Post)
  • DCP Shows Off Renderings of Pedestrianized Vanderbilt Avenue in East Midtown (News)
  • Daniel Craig Speeds Giant SUV Around Manhattan for Auto Show Promo (Gothamist)
  • Nissan Shows Off Accessible Version of Taxi of Tomorrow at Auto Show (Gothamist)
  • Advance Fails to Mention Missing Bike-Ped Path in Comparison of Golden Gate and Verrazano Bridges
  • But Luckily, There’s a Petition to Finish This Missing Link (Brokelyn)
  • NY State DOT Headquarters: Not Very Walkable, But Better Than Maryland (MTR)
  • If Only NYC EDC’s Parking Policy Were as Progressive as Its Tumblr (NYC EDC)

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