Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Says Motorist Who Killed Drudak Tenzin Was Speeding, Distracted; No Charges Filed (PIX, Post)
  • Storm-Damaged Subways Will Take Two Years to Repair (TransNat)
  • Prendergast Credits Young NYers for Highest Train Ridership in 62 Years (Post)
  • Resolutions to Lower Verrazano Tolls Clear Senate and Assembly (Advance)
  • Levin and TA: After Crash That Killed Family, Kent Avenue Still Ruled by Speeding Drivers (News)
  • Andrew Quinn’s Hit-and-Run Killer Remains At Large (DNA)
  • Post Spins Robert Johnson Traffic Summons as Payback for Ticket Fix Prosecutions
  • Quinn and Vacca Push DOT for Intercity Bus Permits (DNA)
  • New Park Space on Governors Island to Be Ready in the Fall (DNA)
  • Governing Examines Bloomberg Planning Legacy, Repeats Subversive DOT Myth
  • Schumer Announces Initiative to Keep Trucks Off… Parkways (LoHud)

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