Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg: Parents and Kids, Not NYPD, Responsible for Street Safety (News)
  • NYPD Entrusts Kids’ Lives to Part-Time Workers Who Earn Little and Buy Their Own Uniforms (Post)
  • More Coverage of Scott Stringer’s Strange Presser From DNA and Gothamist
  • TransNat Notes Cluster of Child Deaths in East Harlem
  • Where Was Cy Vance the Day Amar Diarrassouba Died? (Epoch Times)
  • Pols Renew Call to Toughen Hit-and-Run Law After Deadly Williamsburg Crash (Post)
  • Related: NYPD Will Reconstruct Collision (NYT); Suspect a Convicted Killer Recently Caught DWI (DNA)
  • Citing Traffic, South Bronx Coalition Files Suit to Stop Fresh Direct Move (NYT)
  • Gelinas: Existing Subways Can’t Absorb Planned Midtown East Upzoning (City & State)
  • MTA Team Cracks Down on Farebeaters (News)
  • Bloomberg Keeps Festivals on Side Streets to Keep Crosstown Traffic Flowing (DNA)
  • Manhattan Rivals Los Angeles in Work Commute Times (WNYC)

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