Today’s Headlines

  • Amar Diarrassouba Is Buried; Erik Mayor’s Victim-Blaming Gets Attention (Post 1, 2)
  • Unlike Press, Victim’s Family Doesn’t Blame Guard (NY MagDNA, Post 1, 2, 3NYT, News 1, 2, 3)
  • Parents at Diarrassouba’s School Complain of Large Trucks Delivering to East River Plaza (TransNat)
  • Driver Kills W’burg Couple, Flees; Premature Baby Dies (PostNewsWSJDNAGothamist, NYT 1, 2)
  • On the “Boulevard of Death,” News Holds Vigil With Victim’s Mother, Waiting for Safety Fixes
  • Fordham Heights Hit-and-Run Driver Leaves Bronx Pedestrian, 61, in Critical Condition (Post)
  • Family of Ryo Oyamada, Killed by NYPD Officer Driving Cruiser, Looks for Answers (Gothamist)
  • Driver Smashes Through Deli, Seriously Injures Man on Midtown Sidewalk (Post, NY1)
  • Ocean Parkway Is Brooklyn’s Most Dangerous Street for Pedestrians (Bklyn Paper)
  • The Latest Fare Hike Is Now In Full Effect (GothamistNY1)
  • Meet BusTrek: New GPS Tech That Helps the MTA Cut Down on Bus Bunching (News)
  • Markowitz Endorses Eric Adams to Succeed Him As Brooklyn Beep (News)

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