Today’s Headlines

  • Is the 2015 Fare Hike Already a Done Deal? (World)
  • Sam Schwartz Estimates Toll Hike Will Push 10,000 More Drivers to Toll Shop (Crain’s)
  • Pedestrian John Eberling, 76, Killed by Drunk Driver in Queens (Post)
  • Gelinas: Mayoral Candidates Take Easy Shots at Fare Hike Without Addressing Spiraling Costs (Post)
  • Bratton Says He’s Met With Thompson, De Blasio, Allon in Bid to Regain NYPD Top Job (Post)
  • SPURA Is Set for Redevelopment on LES; No Transit Upgrades, But There Will Be Parking (NYT)
  • Tri-State’s Pedestrian Fatality Report Gets Coverage on Staten Island (Advance)
  • At Moynihan Station, Passengers Might Have to Go Up, Down, and Backtrack (Observer)
  • With One Gate Closed and One Gate Open, Passengers Stuck in Midtown Subway Station (NYT)
  • NJ Transit Builds $100,000 Fence for “Safety,” Forcing Peds Onto Dangerous Highway (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Will Putnam Trail Become a Useful Bike Link Between the Bronx and Westchester? (NYT)

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