Today’s Headlines

  • Quinn Sends Council Maps Back to Redistricting Commission to Keep Lopez Out (News)
  • Bob Menendez: Forty Percent of U.S. Transit Users Affected by Sandy (TransNat)
  • Russianoff: Public May Have Given Up on Protesting MTA Fare Hikes (News)
  • Dana Rubinstein at CapNY Gets Some Face Time With Joe Lhota
  • Nassau Pedestrian Struck by NICE Bus Could Be Charged for Fatal Crash (News)
  • Ex-Cop to NYC Motorists: To Avoid a Speeding Ticket, Just Keep It Under 40 (Gothamist)
  • Chelsea’s 10th Precinct: Why Yes, We Do Condone Illegal Parking (DNA)
  • NYPD Arrests One of Its Own for Scratching a Car (DNA)
  • TLC Votes to Retire Off-Duty Taxi Lights, “Traditionalist” Iris Weinshall Excepted (NYTTransNat)
  • Post Letter Writers Respond to Fact-Free Pedicab Screed
  • Cy Vance: You Can Kill Manhattan Pedestrians, But Don’t Expose Them to NYPD Criticism (News)

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