Today’s Headlines

  • Whom Does Andrew Cuomo Want in Charge of the State Senate? (Buff News, CapNY)
  • The MTA’s Storm Prep and Recovery: Competent, Heroic, Magical (NYT)
  • After Crews Pump Out Water That Was 15 Feet Deep, the L Is Back (WSJ, Bklyn PaperObserver)
  • Looks Like NYC’s Transit System Is More Resilient Than Its Auto Fuel Supply Lines (DNA)
  • Bloomberg Finally Rations Gas, Possibly for Weeks (NYT, NewsCapNY)
  • Northeast Lawmakers Will Push for Extra Recovery Funds From Congress (WSJ)
  • Damned Bike Lanes (News)
  • Cap’n Transit‘s Recipe for a Good Bus Bridge
  • Should the MTA Refund Monthly Metrocard Users for Lost Time? (2nd Ave Sagas)

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