Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Declares Transpo Emergency; MTA Fares Free Through Friday (NYT, News)
  • Bill McKibben Praises Cuomo for Linking Sandy to Climate Change (WSJ)
  • It Was Faster to Walk Than to Drive in Manhattan Yesterday (NYT, WSJ)
  • Quickest Way to Get Around NYC Right Now? Take the Bike (Bloomberg)
  • More Stories on the Manhattan Carpool Rule (DNAPost)
  • New Definition of “Carmaggedon”: A Period When There Are No Trains (AP)
  • No Night-time Bus Service in Blacked-Out Manhattan Below 23rd Street (DNAGothamist)
  • Cap’n Transit Asks: How Would You Rebuild the Subways Better Than Before?
  • Kimmelman: Thumbs Up to Barclays Center, Thumbs Down to “Atlantic Yards” (NYT)
  • Read Up on All the Intrigue Behind the Decision to Postpone the Nets Home-Opener (AYR 1, 2)
  • The Post Played the Sandy Card Against Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Plazas. They Really Did.

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