Today’s Headlines

  • It Could Take Weeks to Get the Subways Fully Running Again (Bloomberg, NYT, WSJ)
  • Climate Change Doesn’t Mix With Booming Development in the NYC Floodplain (CapNY)
  • Cuomo, Assessing NYC’s Vulnerability, Almost Says the Words “Climate Change” (NYT, TransNat)
  • We’ll Need the Transit System to Bounce Back to Help Prevent More Sandies (MTR)
  • Video: Flooding at South Ferry/Whitehall Station (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Nicole Gelinas: NYC Sans Subways = Economic Disaster (Post)
  • Hey Everybody, Free Buses Today (DNA)
  • Cap’n Transit Has a Few Emergency Transportation Tips
  • With Region’s Railways Down, Car Commuters Feeling Extra Miserable This Morning (AP)
  • PPW Bike Lane Spares Car Owners From Sandy’s Wrath (@BrooklynSpoke)

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