Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg at NACTO: Pedestrians, Cyclists, Transit as Important as Drivers (CapNY, Post)
  • Expect BusTime to Roll Out in the Bronx This Week (SAS)
  • Increased Tax Collections Will Not Be Enough to Prevent MTA Fare Hike (Observer)
  • De Blasio Takes in the City Through His Windshield (NYT)
  • Hell’s Kitchen Neighbors Want to Reclaim Sidewalk From Illegal Restaurant Enclosures (Post)
  • Turning MTA Express Bus Driver Crushes 84-Year-Old’s Foot on UES (News)
  • Somehow, a Wrong-Way Car Crash by Alleged Robbers Fleeing Police Is Still an “Accident” (NY1)
  • NYT: Barclays Brings More Yellow Cabs to Brooklyn; AYR: What About the Black Car Idling?
  • Many Islanders Fans Will Probably Shift to Transit to Get to Barclays Center (NYT)
  • Is This the Laziest Hit Job Against Bike “Lanes” From the Post Yet? (Post)
  • Breaking: Joggers Run in Bike Lanes; It’s Annoying to Cyclists and Dangerous for All (Bklyn Paper)

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