Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg Takes No Responsibility for Yankee Stadium Parking Disaster (TransNat)
  • Howard Wolfson Tapped to Run Mayor’s New Super PAC (NYT)
  • Yassky: Taxi Apps Will Duke It Out Next Year (NYT)
  • City Embarks on $1B Plan to Accelerate Infrastructure Repairs (TransNat, NYT)
  • More Coverage of What Went Missing on Debate Night (TransNat)
  • Nassau County Officer Killed by Motorist on Long Island Expressway (Fox)
  • Driver Pins TEA Against a Fence in the Bronx; “No Criminality” (Post)
  • Staten Island Parents Don’t Want DWI Cop Who Killed Four to Work at Kids’ School (Advance)
  • No Lack of NYPD Resources When a Vehicle Owner Is the Victim (DNA)
  • These Motorcycle Riders Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Free Parking Pass (DNA)
  • Internet Momentarily Transfixed by Al Roker on a Bike (Buzzfeed, ZimbioONTD)

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