Today’s Headlines

  • Margaret King, 81, Killed in Staten Island; Motorist Ticketed for Failure to Yield (Advance)
  • Judge: NYPD “Needlessly Delayed” Giving Lefevre Crash Documents to Family (Times, Gothamist)
  • Times Editorial on Traffic Fatality Spike: We Need Speed Cams, Street Redesigns, Enforcement
  • AAA: NYC Stop Lights With Red Light Cameras Have Shorter Yellows; Vacca “Troubled” (Post)
  • NYPD on Bikes: We’re Targeting Delivery Riders and Issuing Fewer Red Light Tickets (TransNat)
  • City Wanted Money for Cruiser Damage From Mother of Man Run Over, Killed by NYPD in Chase (News)
  • Toll Cheats Have Cost Thruway $35 Million Since 2007 (Democrat & Chronicle)
  • Video: Driver Backs Onto W’burg Sidewalk, Seriously Injuring Grandmother and Two Kids (News, NY1)
  • After Hit-and-Run Death of Terence Connor, Neighbors Want Fixes to Metropolitan Ave (Bklyn Paper)
  • Columnist: “Bereavement” for Car in the Shop for a Day; “I Had a Terrible Feeling of Loss” (Advance)
  • If Guy Molinari Can’t Have a Mega-Project, No One Can: “Nobody Is Talking About Traffic” (Post)

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We will be publishing lightly today and back on our regular schedule tomorrow. Happy Columbus Day.