Today’s Headlines

  • Read All the Way to the End of This Times Piece for the Real Story on NYC’s Traffic Death Spike …
  • … Or Just Read the Brooklyn Spoke Edit
  • Gothamist Wonders If Next Mayor Will Twist Fatality Uptick to Roll Back Safe Street Improvements
  • NYPD Still Withholding Crime Data, and Chris Quinn Has Nothing to Say (City Limits)
  • Traffic Signal Priority Coming to First and Second Avenue Select Bus Service (TransNat)
  • MTA to Begin Construction of Staten Island Railway “Superstation” in 2013 (Advance)
  • Transportation Nation Hits the Streets With DOT Commercial Cycling Inspectors
  • Another Cafe, Little Zelda on Franklin Ave in Crown Heights, Partners With DOT for Bike Corral (DNA)
  • Dangerous Streets a Major Obstacle to Restored Bronx River Waterfront (DNA)
  • Advance Pleads With Staten Island Motorists Not to Run Over School Children
  • Sickening: Bay Ridge Curb Hogs Demand Concessions for Plan to Keep Kids Out of Traffic (Bklyn Paper)
  • Joe Lentol Calls for Speed Cameras and Other Life-Saving Measures (CapNY)
  • City Awards Contract for Upper East Side Waste Transfer Station (DNA)
  • Norman Oder Dissects Times Profile of Bruce Ratner (AYR)

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