Today’s Headlines

  • Jermaine Elliot Killed by Hit-and-Run Truck Driver in Wakefield (DNANewsNY1NBC)
  • WSJ, NBC, CapNY, TransNat, Atlantic Pick Up Times Bike Lane Poll; Whither the Tabloids?
  • Here They Are: Fantasizing About the End of Smart Transpo Policy at NYC DOT (Post)
  • More About the Software Problems That Have Delayed NYC Bike-Share (WSJ, Gotham Gazette)
  • Tri-State: Latest DOT Index Shows Safer Streets Are Better for Businesses, Too (MTR)
  • Work Stopped After Second Ave Subway Blast Rains Debris and Shatters Windows (NewsDNAPost)
  • What Do District Attorneys’ Decline-to-Prosecute Policies Mean for Victims Who Can’t Speak? (WNYC)
  • Queens Man Who Struck Cops With SUV While Fleeing Arrest Charged With Attempted Murder (Post)
  • Elderly Woman Killed in Bronx Head-On Collision; “No Criminality Suspected” (Post)
  • Worker Near Site of Thackoo Hargobin Death Says Speeding Drivers Make Street a “Zoo” (DNA)
  • Motorist Has Seizure, Rams Storefront on Canal Street (Post, Gothamist)
  • Via @Copenhagenize: Danish Newspaper Warns Against Walking in U.S. Cities (Turen Går Til)
  • New David Byrne-Designed Bike Racks Make BAM Debut (Gothamist)

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