Today’s Headlines

  • Liu Promises to Block Efforts to Privatize Metered Parking, “The Lifeblood of Our Neighborhoods” (News)
  • Only Three of Four Teams Bid on Tappan Zee Bridge, Submit 750,000 Pages of Documents (LoHud)
  • Gelinas: Cuomo More Focused on Funding New Tappan Zee Bridge Than Shaky MTA Budget (Post)
  • Donohue: If Legislators Want to Take Credit For MTA Service, Show Us the Money (News)
  • Why Are Green Transpo Changes the Only Ones Worth Asking Blind New Yorkers About? (NYT)
  • Bike-Share Delay Lets Daily News Revive Secretive DOT Narrative
  • Will Bike-Share Delay Cost Private Operator Alta? (WSJ)
  • To Calm Glendale Traffic With Stop Signs or Split One-Ways? DOT and CB Debate (News)
  • Bike Thefts Quadruple in Williamsburg and Greenpoint (DNAinfo)
  • Watch an SUV Driver Play Traffic Cop to Force Her Way Into Lincoln Tunnel Faster (Animal NY)

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