Today’s Headlines

  • Study: NYC Firms Want to Set Up Shop Where the Livable Streets Are (Crain’s)
  • Brooklyn DA Charges Maniac Killer Driver With Homicide (Gothamist)
  • Time Mag Opts for Imaginative “War” Metaphor to Characterize NYC’s Bike Progress
  • DOT Ped Plazas in the Works for Glendale and Ridgewood (QChron)
  • MTA Changes Q41 Route to Save Riders Time. Won’t Someone Think of the Parking? (QChron)
  • When Will the Bleecker Street Transfer Finally Open? (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • More Police Cams Are Going Up in Public Spaces, But They Won’t Catch Speeding Drivers (Advance)
  • If a Satmar Sect Ever Restores the Bedford Ave Bike Lane, Seems Like It Will Be the Aroynem (NYT)
  • High Oil Prices Lead to Short-Line Freight Rail Revival Upstate (AP)
  • It’s Not Your Imagination: Luxury Car Owners Drive Like Schmucks (NY Mag)

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