Today’s Headlines

  • City Council No Longer Antagonizing Transpo Commish for Making Streets Safer (Transpo Nation)
  • Silverstein West Side Tower May or May Not Include Bus Garage, Gee-Whiz Bus Elevator (TRD, Capital)
  • MTA Completes Third East Side Access Tunnel Seven Weeks Ahead of Schedule (NY1)
  • Pedestrian Fatally Struck on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights on Monday; “No Criminality” (DNA)
  • Outraged and Bewildered Mother of Roxie Buta Vows to Find Her Daughter’s Killer (DNA)
  • Five- to 10-Year Sentence Expected for Driver in Staten Island Crash That Killed Passenger (Post)
  • Reasoned Response to Historic Drop in Staten Island Traffic Fatalities From the Advance
  • DOT to Allow Rush Hour Parking on Atlantic Avenue Between Smith Street and Third (DNA)
  • City Begins Five-Year Project to Replace Hell’s Kitchen Water Lines (DNA)
  • Parkscore Ranks New York Number Three City for Parks Access and Investment (Transpo Nation)
  • Crain’s Interviews Driver-Owner of NYC’s First Wheelchair-Accessible Taxi
  • NY Mag Architecture Critic Justin Davidson Redefines “Defensive Driving”

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