Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Traffic and Parking Enforcement on Track for Eight-Year Low (Post)
  • Willets Point Mega-Development Shifts From Mixed-Use Plan to Suburban Mess (NYTWSJ)
  • Some Day We’ll Look Back on the Silliness Before Bike-Share Launched and Have a Laugh (GGW)
  • Ten MTA Employees to Face Charges for Signal Inspection Fraud (News)
  • Sloppy Reporting From NY1 on the Fourth Ave/Sunset Park Pedestrian Safety Plan
  • Manhattan CB 3 Committee Approves Seward Park Redevelopment in Contentious Vote (LoDown)
  • With Interest Rates Hitting Rock Bottom, Refinancing MTA Debt Could Work Out Well — Or Not (MTR)
  • In Bizarro NYC, City Council Makes Sure Drivers Pay for the Parking They Use (Post)
  • DOT to Seek CB 4 Approval for Megabus Curbside Pick-Up By Port Authority (DNA)
  • On the Plus Side, Maybe This Will Remind More People to Take the Train to the Game (B’stoner)

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