Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Republicans, Suburban Dems, and Chris Christie Oppose Transit Commuter Tax (Gothamist)
  • Mike Rogalle Struck by FDNY Inspector in SUV While Walking on Lower Manhattan Sidewalk (News)
  • Bronx Cyclists Plan Month of Events to Push for Better Bike Infrastructure (DNAinfo)
  • Zoning Changes Haven’t Stopped Illegal Curb Cuts in Midwood (News)
  • Bloomberg Fast-Tracks Grand Central-Area Upzoning as Legacy Item (News)
  • Even on Home Opener, Subsidized Yankee Stadium Garages All But Empty (NBC)
  • Winning Bike Lanes Still Uphill Battle in Bay Ridge (NextAmCity)
  • Times Asks UES Germophobe to Psychoanalyze Riders of Exotic Three-Door Buses
  • SoHo BP Gas Station Hopes to Rent Out Garage, Currently “Underutilized” (DNAinfo)
  • Family of Henry Garcia, Teen Slain While Biking, Can’t Afford Funeral (News)
  • Taxi-Truck Collision Injures Three, Sends Cab Into Side of Hotel (Fox, Gothamist)
  • Jason Gay: Get on a Bike, But Please Take Off Your Headphones (WSJ)

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