Today’s Headlines

  • The New Times Square Is an Economic Powerhouse … (NYT)
  • … Will SUV-Riding Public Space “Agnostic” Chris Quinn Get Religion? (Elle)
  • What Do You Know: Cuomo’s Tappan Zee Greenway Was Just a Big Lie (Nyack News)
  • Transportation Nation Picks Up Chuck Schumer Prospect Park West Sighting
  • The Times Casts Lakeside Project, Loop Conflict as Signs of Struggling Park
  • City Pay Phones to Be Replaced by Web Kiosks (Post)
  • Bloomberg and Sadik-Khan Mark Arrival of Pothole Repair Season (Bloomberg, DNA)
  • Mourners Endangered by Drivers at Ronald Tillman Ghost Bike Dedication (Gothamist, NY1)
  • Midwood Collision Sends Bus Onto Sidewalk, Flips Car; 12 Injured (NY1, Post)
  • Upper East Side Crash Sends Cab Into Park Avenue Doctor’s Office (DNA, Gothamist)
  • TLC Impound Lot for Unlicensed Taxis Has a Revolving Door (NYT)
  • The Andrew Cuomo Administration Doesn’t Celebrate Sunshine Week (NY World)

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