Today’s Headlines

  • NBBL Keeps Acting Like Nobody Knows Their Lawsuit Was a Cynical PR Stunt (Bklyn Paper, Observer)
  • Cyclist Slain By Hit-and-Run Driver on Staten Island Identified as Ron Tillman (News, Post)
  • On Behalf of the Subway-Riding Class, Clyde Haberman Takes Down House Transpo Bill (City Room)
  • More on the NYC Region’s Bipartisan Alliance Against the House Attack on Transit (Daily Politics)
  • Only One Way to Fix the Atlantic Yards Parking Disaster: Eliminate the Parking (Post)
  • Great Column About NYC Biking Marred By Ignorance of Public Process for Bike Lanes (NYT Well)
  • Cuomo: 119,000 Distracted Driving Tickets Issued Since Passage of Beefed-Up Law (Daily Politics)
  • Two More Ex-Govs Pick Apart the Cuomo/Christie Hatchet Job on Chris Ward (Transpo Nation)
  • Lhota: Let’s Not Ban Food on the Subway (NYT)
  • Bike-Share Will Be a Godsend on Nights When Subway Lines Shut Down for Maintenance (News)

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