Today’s Headlines

  • No Shame: City Council Bans Sanitation Stickers, Approves Muni-Meter Grace Period (NYT, GoGa, DNA)
  • With WTC and Calatrava Dogged by Cost Overruns, Port Authority Keeps Contractor Afloat (WSJ, SAS)
  • MTA Contract Proposal: Work Rule Changes, Part-Time Bus Drivers in Exchange for TWU Raises (News)
  • Study Finds More Pollution From Traffic and Buildings Than Second Ave Subway Construction (DNA)
  • Cuomo Says MTA Is “Working On” New Transit Options for Queens Convention Center (TransNat)
  • Cross Bay Bridge Drivers to Governor: Mr. Cuomo, Tear Down This Toll Plaza (NY1)
  • Dani Simons Finds Room for Improvement on Tappan Zee Buses (MTR)
  • Daily News Welcomes DOT’s Driver-Distracting Parking Sensor Program
  • Hit-and-Run Suspect Not Charged for Death of 14-Year-Old Davonte Jeffers (News)
  • Cy Vance Opens Criminal Investigation Into Elevator Death (Post); Killer Drivers, Carry On

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