Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Board Member: Service Could Have Been Restored If Not for Cuomo (Bx Press)
  • And Here’s Yet Another Way Riders Will Pay for Gov’s Transit Cut (Bloomberg)
  • Emboldened Transit Know-Nothings Want Cuomo to Finish the Job, Kill Payroll Tax (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Rev. Al to Cuomo: Pass the Borough Taxi Bill (News, Politicker)
  • Journal News: Fast-Tracked Tappan Zee Shouldn’t Bypass Transit
  • Fare Hike Four Member Carl Kruger Will Finally Relinquish His Senate Seat Today (News, Post)
  • More Coverage of NYPD’s Shoddy Job With the Mathieu Lefevre Crash Investigation at Gothamist
  • Salon Foresees Cities of the Future Moving at Human Speeds
  • Schumer: Don’t Expect Transit Tax Benefit Extension Before the New Year (Transpo Nation)
  • “MTA” Tops Google Search Terms in NYC (NY1)
  • How Might You Build the Subway Out to Staten Island? (Ped Obs)

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