Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo: Cannibalizing Transit Funds “Will Create Jobs and Get Economy Back on Track” (TransNat)
  • The Governor’s Wheeling and Dealing Feeds the Rest of the State By Starving NYC (WSJ)
  • Transit Advocates Pledge to Make Voices Heard Loud and Clear (CapitalNY)
  • Kabak: Make Suburbs Pay for Lost MTA Revenue
  • Restoring the 2010 Service Cuts? Won’t Happen as Long as MTA Budget Keeps Disintegrating (News)
  • 83 Percent of Likely NYC Voters Support Stepped Up Speeding Enforcement (WSJ)
  • Hakeem Jeffries: Require NYPD Officers to Live in Five Boroughs (AP via @noahbudnick)
  • Danger at Navy Street Footbridge, Where Kids Hurl Bricks and Rocks at Passing Cyclists (Bklyn Paper)
  • Silver Pleads For Cuomo to Sign Borough Taxi Bill (NY1)
  • Fascinating Stats Compiled From HopStop Searches

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