Today’s Headlines

  • NYT: If Cuomo Cuts Payroll Tax, He Must Ensure MTA Is Reimbursed and That Funding Is Secure
  • For All the MTA Payroll Tax Details, Head to Capital Tonight
  • Lefevre Family Just Wants the Truth About Son’s Death, and NYPD Won’t Give It to Them (NYT)
  • Denise Richardson on MTA Tax Cut: Cuomo Preparing Return to 80s Disinvestment (WSJ)
  • Silent on the Details, Daily News Endorses Cuomo Infrastructure Plan
  • Juan Gonzalez: Cost Overruns Creep Up for Hudson Yards, 7 Train Extension (News)
  • School Bus Driver in Fatal Crash Drags Bronx Pedestrian for Minutes; No Charges (News)
  • Tudor City Residents Want to Turn Dead End Into Plaza, Have DOT Support (DNAinfo)
  • After Xmas Blizzard, MTA Added Consumer Advocates and Emergency Response Training (NYT)
  • Special Toll Deal for Staten Island Rebuffed by Port Authority, New Jersey (Advance)
  • Victoria’s Secret Boots Parking Garage From Its Basement, Will Set Up Runway (Post)
  • The Ever-Growing Number of NYC Pedestrians Is Just Enormous (NYT)
  • NYC Real Estate Industry Should Make Peace With Parking Maximums (Atlantic Cities)

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