Today’s Headlines

  • 2nd Ave Sagas: Export SBS Successes to the Rest of the Bus Network
  • Shocker – Headlines About Confused Riders on First Day of New SBS Service (DNAinfo, Metro)
  • AAA: Traffic Crashes Cost NYC Region $30 Billion a Year (MTR)
  • MTA Experiment: Get More Track Work in By Shutting Lines Down Longer (NYT, NY1, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Lhota Makes Overture to Transit Unions on Day One (Transpo Nation)
  • Look Out, MTA Riders: State Budget Gaps Could Mean More Albany Transit Raids Ahead (NYT)
  • Everyone’s Talking About the Shelly Silver Bike Fall (City Room, Gothamist, NY Mag)
  • Albany and City Hall Lure Electric Truck Maker to the Bronx With $10M in Subsidies (News)
  • Vornado Additions to Port Authority Bus Terminal 100% Dead (NYT)
  • DEP Installs Four Stormwater-Catching Bioswales on Dean Street (Patch)
  • Hung Jury in Assault Case Against Man Who Punched Woman Over a Parking Spot (Post)
  • Robert Caro: Janette Sadik-Khan Is the Anti-Moses (Observer)

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