Today’s Headlines

  • More on New Transit Chief Joe Lhota (NYTPostWSJCrain’sObserver)
  • Post: If You Liked Mayor Giuliani, You’ll Like MTA Chair Lhota
  • Protected From Competition, Taxi Medallions Sell For $1 Million (NYT)
  • Upper East Side CB Reverses Committee, Votes Against Bike Licensing Proposal (DNAinfo)
  • Manufacturer Displaced By Eminent Domain in Kosciuszko Bridge Widening Prepares to Exit NY (News)
  • Edit Boards: If Pat Foye Can’t Live Up to Chris Ward, It’s Cuomo’s Fault (News, Post)
  • Christie Kicks Ward on His Way Out the Door (Star-Ledger)
  • Ward: Mayoral Run “Highly Unlikely” But Won’t Rule It Out (Daily Politics)
  • NJ Transit Partners With Google to Allow Fare Payment With Smartphones (Star-Ledger)
  • New Pedestrian Bridge to Be Installed Across FDR at 78th Street (DNAinfo)
  • TLC To Add Six Electric Vehicles to Taxi Fleet in Pilot Program (Post)
  • New Haven Fights to Ensure Highway Removal Doesn’t Just Create New Car-Centric Streets (Atlantic)
  • Bike Snob: Why Do We Accept Traffic Violence and Blame the Victim?

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