Today’s Headlines

  • Parting Words From Chris Ward: I Paid the Price for Speaking Truth on Tolls (Transpo Nation)
  • U.N. Deal Clears Way for City to Close East Side Greenway Gap (DNA, WSJ, NY1)
  • Manhattan CB 8 Transpo Committee Wants City Cyclists Licensed and Registered (DNA, Post)
  • Residents Balk at Plans for New Entrances to Upper East Side Subway Station (Post)
  • 2nd Ave. Sagas: Should Moneyed Institutions Chip In for Station Rehabs?
  • CB 12 Signs Off on Revitalizing Sherman Creek Waterfront Access in Inwood (DNA)
  • Solution for Decrepit NY Roads and Bridges: A New $4B Upstate Highway (MTR)
  • Mega-Project Killer Chris Christie Takes Pride in Stiffing U.S. Taxpayers (Transpo Nation)
  • Meanwhile, Will-He-Won’t-He Frenzy Overshadows NJ’s Urban Crises (NYT)

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