Today’s Headlines

  • UN Land Swap Close to Completion, Will Open Path for East Side Greenway In Midtown (NYT)
  • Former NYPD Captain: Cop Code Says Ticket Fixing Just a Courtesy Unless You Take a Bribe (News)
  • Equal Opportunity Tix Fix Police Don’t Care If You’re a Cop’s Brother or Half-Brother (News)
  • Two Top Cuomo Deputies Want Chris Ward’s Job (Crain’s)
  • One of Ward’s Legacies: Being Honest About the Consequences of Ignoring Infrastructure (MTR)
  • Sunnyside Parking Changes Good For Businesses, Bad For Selfish All-Day Parkers (CBS 2)
  • Another Bike-Share Demo, Another Set of Excited New Yorkers (DNAinfo)
  • Feds Add $2.4 Million in Interest and Fees to NJ’s Bill For Canceling ARC Tunnel (AP)
  • Task Force: Transportation Access Is Number One Issue Holding Back Rockaways (News)
  • MTA Announces Next 31 Subway Platforms Slated For Cell Service (Post)

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