Today’s Headlines

  • Tix Fix Cops Reject Plea Deal, Allege Prosecutors Sparing Top NYPD Brass (News)
  • Port Authority Toll Hike: Bad for Garages, Good for Traffic-Ravaged Streets (Post)
  • Ben Fried and Dr. Linda Prine: Safer Streets for Biking Are Safer for Walking, Too (News)
  • DOT Refuses Request From Electeds to Allow Midday Loading in 34th Street Bus Lane (DNAinfo)
  • Yankee Stadium Parking Debacle Deepens; Upside: Multiple Lots May Be Redeveloped (Transpo Nation)
  • Does Andrew Cuomo Have a Plan to Pay For $30 Billion In Infrastructure? (Capitol)
  • Speaker Silver and IDC Chair Jeff Klein Urge Cuomo to Sign Livery Law (News 12)
  • News: Taxi Medallion Prices Rose 1,000 Percent. Now It’s Time For Outer-Borough Service
  • Bill De Blasio Blasts City For Treating Potholes and Sinkholes Differently (News)
  • The Times Asks: Subway Already Has 200 Stations With Cell Service. Will Six More Change Everything?
  • After Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Queens Woman, Daughter Begs Driver to Turn Himself In (Post)
  • So Much for “Better Bike Lanes” – Jim Walden Now a National Spokesman for Killing Bikeways (Reuters)
  • Gabe Pressman’s Observation of Chaos on NYC Streets Seems Limited to Bike Lanes (NBC)
  • Munimeters Spark Times Ode to Lost Art of Ignoring Parking Time Limits

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