Today’s Headlines

  • Water Main Break Leads to Fearsome Glimpse of Life Without Major Subway Lines (Post, DNA, City Room)
  • Times’ Take on Declining Bike-on-Ped Injuries: “Higher Number” of Peds Hurt By Cyclists
  • More Coverage of Hunter Study: Village Voice, Daily News, Transpo Nation, and — Drumroll! — the Post
  • City Deploys Contractors to Keep Bikes and Peds From Fighting Over Brooklyn Bridge Scraps (News)
  • The Longer Talks Drag on Over Borough Taxi Bill, the Less Likely Cuomo Will Sign It (News)
  • Would NYC Show Progress on Transpo Emissions If Albany Had Passed Road Pricing? (Transpo Nation)
  • Midtown Bike Tickets Nearly Quadrupled Since 2009 (Post)
  • Safety in Numbers: Cyclists Volunteer to Help Take Back the Night From Park Slope Sex Attackers (News)
  • State Housing Commish, Political Scion, DWI Perp Darryl Towns Loses License for 6 Months (City Room)
  • Get to Know Rising NYC Star Noah Budnick, TA Deputy Director (City Hall)

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