Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Election Day and the Polls Are Open (MTR, News)
  • Health Commish: Slowing Traffic Can Reduce Fatal and Severe Injuries to NYC Kids (News)
  • Popular Union Square Public Space Improvements Get the Grynbaum Treatment (City Room)
  • Forget Albany — High School Students Are Bankrupting the MTA! (News)
  • Newsday to Albany: More Red Light Cams for Long Island and NYC, Please
  • Security Theater Unbearable to the Post When It’s Cars Getting Stopped
  • Revenge of the Dinkins Commissioners Continues (Post)
  • Inclusion of PRT Sullies Credibility of WSJ‘s “How to Green Your City” List
  • File Under “Good Problems to Have”: Copenhagen’s Bike Congestion (Guardian)
  • Damned Bike Lanes (Bklyn Paper)

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