Today’s Headlines

  • Low-Ridership Port Jervis Line Decimated by Storm, Needs Months of Repairs (NYT)
  • Bronx DA Brings 15 Homicide Charges Against Chinatown Bus Driver, Says Neglect No Accident (NYT)
  • Too-Small Port Authority Toll Hikes Likely to Be Reduced Further by Cuomo/Christie Raids (Crain’s)
  • Times Square Bowtie Soars Onto List of World’s Top Ten Shopping Strips (Crain’s)
  • Urban Sprawl and Impermeable Pavement Worsened Damage From Irene (WNYC)
  • Constrained Supply Make Taxi Medallions Better Investment Than Gold or Housing (Bloomberg)
  • Fairfield to Open New Train Station, But With 1,450 Parking Spots, Not Promised Development (WSJ)
  • Just Another Hipster on His Bike (NYT)
  • Policy and Luxury Demand Send Parking Prices Up in U.S. Downtowns (WSJ)
  • Second Avenue Construction Spurs First Avenue Renaissance (WSJ)

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