Today’s Headlines

  • Most Subway and Bus Service Restored, But Metro-North and NJ Transit Down All Day (NYTWSJ)
  • Here’s Why MTA Closed the Transit System (Gothamist)
  • Cabbies Stayed Open for Business (News)
  • It’s Unofficially Official: Bloomberg Wants Mayor Quinn In 2013 (NYT)
  • Bike Parking, Now Major Amenity, Appears in Real Estate Brochures and Sales Pitches (NYT)
  • Transportation Alternatives Bike Ambassadors Sign Up 13,000 For Safe Cycling, Infrastructure (NYT)
  • Tiny Union City, NJ, Already Densest City in U.S., Looks to Keep Growing (WSJ)
  • Drunk Drivers Avoid Breath-Testing Devices By Putting Vehicle in Relative’s Name (News)
  • Surgeon General: Don’t Let Your Hair Keep You From Exercising (NYT)
  • The Times Remembers Sally Goodgold, Long-Time Urban Planning Activist

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