Today’s Headlines

  • Times: Governors Should Quit Feigning Surprise at Port Authority Toll Hike, Keep Most of It In Place
  • Andrea Bernstein’s Comprehensive Take on the Port Authority Fare/Toll Hikes (Transpo Nation)
  • Hudson County Dems React to Port Authority Plan Very Differently (Politicker NJ)
  • Jim Dwyer Adds to Chorus of Praise for Chris Ward (NYT)
  • Ravitch on Carey’s MTA Policies: “Let’s Hope It Happens Again” (NY1)
  • Study: Cross-Harbor Freight Tunnel Would Reduce Truck Traffic, Even in New England (Crain’s)
  • Cas Holloway “Another Ally” at City Hall, Says DOT Insider (Observer)
  • More Coverage of Bike Lanes’ 66 Percent Approval Rating (NY1ObserverPost)
  • NY1 Accentuates the Negative in Select Bus Service Hit Piece
  • Finding Music in Holland Tunnel Honking: Impressively Zen, or Stockholm Syndrome? (NYT)

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