Today’s Headlines

  • James Vacca Wonders: “Is There a Need for More Pedestrian-Friendly Streets in This City?” (CHN)
  • MTA Announces $2 Billion in Capital Program Cuts (2nd Ave Sagas); Times Keeps It Cutesy
  • Walder, Goldsmith Tout Promise of Public-Private Partnerships (Crain’s)
  • Jim Walden and Norman Steisel Play Brooklyn Paper Like a Fiddle
  • Brooklyn Spoke: DOT’s Manhattan Bridge Bowery Drop-Off a “Death Trap”
  • Queens Thieves Make Off With Bikes Used to Teach Kids to Ride (NY1)
  • NYT-Owned Boston Globe Covers Bike Share As If It’s Just the Most Normal Thing
  • Skelos Says Tappan Zee Replacement Essential for Lawmakers Like Skelos (CapTon)
  • Sunnyside Merchants, Pols Want More Parking Hours for Queens Boulevard Lane (News)
  • Sunset Park Alternate Side Presser a Smokin’ Hot Ticket (Capital NY)
  • Doped-Up City Lifeguard Aims His Speeding Honda at Bronx Pedestrians (Post)
  • Erstwhile Schools Chancellor Cathie Black Pinballs Down Hamptons Driveway, “Was Not Inebriated” (Post)

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