Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg Taxi Plan, Including MTA Surcharge, Passes Senate (NYTCrain’s)
  • Where You See a Safer Street, the New York Times Sees a “Blunt Tool” (NYT 1, 2)
  • Driver With Suspended License Hits and Kills Mother of Four in Queens (Post)
  • NYPD Issues More Tickets for Tinted Windows Than Speeding (Transpo Nation)
  • Post: MTA Spends Too Many Bridge Tolls on Transit, Not Enough on Road Repairs
  • From Seattle to the Sheridan, Freeway Fights Are Back (ArchPaper)
  • Video Becomes Key Tool for Understanding New York City Street Behavior (NYT)
  • Garbage Truck Breakdowns Mean Trash Left on Subway Platforms (News)
  • Burden Brought Focus on Urban Design Details to DCP, Along With Major Rezonings (WSJ)
  • Europe’s Anti-Driving Planning Employs Parking, Pedestrianization, and Light Timing (NYT)

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