Today’s Headlines

  • Internal Affairs Will Be Keeping an Eye on Traffic Court to Stop Cops From Fixing Tickets (NYT, News)
  • NYPD “Integrity Officer” Made a Copy of His Placard for Mom (News)
  • Queens CB12 Members: Jamaica Bus Lanes Need Real Enforcement to Work (News)
  • Days Are Numbered for the Gas Station at Broadway/Lafayette and All Its Curb Cuts (Observer)
  • Responding to High Gas Prices, Joann From Bensonhurst Not Gonna Drive a Car No More (Fox5)
  • There’s Only One Part of NYC Outside Manhattan With No Parking Minimums (Cap’n Transit)
  • DOT Is Working on a Bench Program to Make Sidewalks More Comfortable for Seniors (Cap NY)
  • How the NYC Subway Map Might Shape the Way You Ride the Train (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • What Has to Happen to Re-Open the Street-Level Crossing at West Street and Vesey? (Downtown Exp)
  • Those “Veronica Moss” Streetfilms Were Amazingly Prophetic (Brooklyn Spoke)

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