Today’s Headlines

  • Census Shows Manhattan Is a Magnet for the Young (NYT)
  • Talking Heads at Fox 5 Praise DOT, Debate Efficacy of the Word “Jerk”
  • Fast Company Chimes In With Snark-Free Bike-Share Advice
  • Gotham Gazette: PlaNYC Would Benefit From Bottom-Up Involvement
  • Detective’s Son Injures Pedestrian, Flees Scene, Is Not Arrested (News)
  • Fort Greene Motorists Fear BK Flea Will Force Them to Pay for a Few Hours of Parking (Gothamist)
  • City Exploring GPS System for Private Vehicles (News)
  • How Do You Make a Car Horn Less Offensive? Turns Out Nobody Knows (NYT)
  • After the Christie ARC Debacle, Feds Leery of Investing in Jersey Rail (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • You Know the Bar Is Low When the Advance Is a Relative Voice of Reason on Gas Prices

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