Today’s Headlines

  • Get Ready for Inane Gas Price Populism From Both Parties (Politico)
  • Technology Hasn’t Ended Ticket-Fixing, Despite Bloomberg’s Claims (Post)
  • Family of Megan Charlop Suing City For Lack of Bike Lane on Crotona Ave (News)
  • Driver Hit and Killed Cyclist Joseph Granati in Gravesend Yesterday Afternoon, No Charges Filed (News)
  • Daily News: Spending Money to Improve PPW Bike Lane Is “Path to Crazytown”
  • SoHo Bike Lanes Full (Or Is That Empty?) of Traffic Violations (Post)
  • Woodhaven BID, Julissa Ferreras Voice Support for Bike-Friendly Business Campaign (News)
  • Eliminate Parking Placards For Judges, Says Daily News
  • Bike Lanes Disdained By Triathletes; Note to WSJ: We Don’t Design Streets For Drag Racers Either
  • RPA Wades Into Labor Fight With Report on Construction Union Givebacks (NYT)

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