Today’s Headlines

  • Building a Better Bus Terminal Might Be the Most Important Transit Project in the NYC Region (WSJ)
  • NYPD Union Delegates, Highway Patrol Implicated in Ticket-Fixing Scandal (NYT, Post)
  • Bloomberg: Ticket-Fixing Couldn’t Happen Today (DNAinfo, NY1)
  • Van Driver Critically Injures Woman in Sunset Park; NYPD: “No Criminality” (Post)
  • Gotham Gazette Checks in on PlaNYC’s Progress
  • Conservatives and Libertarians Call Out O’Toole, Side With Shoup in Parking Debate (Cato Unbound)
  • As West Side Booms, 34th Street’s Crowded Sidewalks and Pokey Buses Must Evolve (MTR)
  • Can Every Community Get Their MTA Bus Service Restored By Gathering Enough Signatures? (DNAinfo)
  • Times Square: So Crowded, No One Goes There Anymore (Metro)
  • Bike Lane Blocking Pics, Tax Day Edition (Gothamist)

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