Today’s Headlines

  • What Bike Haters Need Fancy Lawyers and PR Flacks When They Have The Brooklyn Paper?
  • UWS Cyclist Arrested After Plainclothes Cop Nearly Doors Her, Chases Her With Car (Gothamist)
  • Long Island City Salon Hit by Two Drivers in Nine Days (WSJ); Grynbaum Suspects Bike Path
  • Cuomo Pledges to End Placard Abuse (WNYC); Ruben Diaz Sr. Plots End-Run (TransNat)
  • Group Finds MTA Subways Most Efficient System in U.S., But Buses Don’t Fare as Well (Crain’s)
  • Big Wheel-Pedaling Bus Racer Mark Malkoff Makes No Claim to Transit Advocacy (WSJ)
  • Beaten Traffic Agent Hopes Muni-Meter Grace Period Will Make Drivers Less Violent (News)
  • City Council Approves Columbia Inwood Waterfront Plan Over Neighborhood Objections (DNAinfo)
  • View From Restored High Bridge Will Be Obscured by Eight-Foot Prison Fence (News)
  • Residents Say Coney Island Boardwalk Rehab Designed for City Vehicles (News)

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