Today’s Headlines

  • Albany Reaches Budget Deal, Will Slash Education and Health, Cut Taxes on Rich (NYTCapTon)
  • Bloomberg Opposes Car-Free Parks, Claims Congestion Will Worsen (NY1)
  • Schumer Speaks on PPW Bike Lane: “I Am Not Commenting. I Am Not Commenting.” (NYT)
  • Hit Piece on PPW Bike Lane Fits Right In On Wall Street Journal Opinion Pages
  • Bus Driver Hits and Kills Cyclist Qi Yu Weng at Second and 96th (NYTPost)
  • Driver Exiting Queenboro Bridge Jumps Curb, Kills Man on Long Island City Sidewalk (News)
  • Taxi Driver Plows Into Columbus Circle Lenscrafters (DNAinfo)
  • Cuomo Team Hands Out 3,500 Parking Placards, Can’t Explain Why (Transpo Nation)
  • Restaurant Uses Kent Ave. Bike Lane for Valet Parking Under NYPD’s Watchful Eye (Gothamist)
  • Transportation Drives Revival of Connecticut’s Cities (WSJ)
  • Markowitz’s Three Full-Time Drivers Come Complete With Shady Ethics (Post)

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