Today’s Headlines

  • NIMBYs Triumph Over Bus Riders: No Separated Busway for 34th Street (NYT, News, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Weiner Won’t Take a Stand on Livable Streets; De Blasio, Liu Mouth NBBL Talking Points (Post)
  • Liberal Values Go Out the Window When Green Projects Irritate Privileged People (NYT)
  • Casino Tour Bus Crash on Bronx Highway Claims 14 Lives (News, NYT)
  • John Petro: To Create Jobs, Cuomo Must Invest in Transit (News)
  • Exactly What NYC Streets Need: A Fresh Direct Competitor (NYT)
  • Sean Sweeney and the Post Have Nothing But Contempt for Soho Pedestrians and Restaurants
  • Donohue: NYPD Should Spend More Resources Catching Bus Fare Beaters (News)
  • The NYPD Bike Crackdown Seems to Be Expanding (Gothamist)
  • Bloomberg Unveils Long-Term Waterfront Plan Today (NYT, News)
  • From the Kruger Wiretap: Forest City Ratner “Didn’t Mind F–king” the Carlton Ave. Bridge (DDDB)

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