Today’s Headlines

  • Anthony Weiner Just Joking About “Tearing Out Your [Expletive] Bike Lanes” (Grist)
  • DOT Scuttles Plans for Lafayette Ave Bike Lane, Which Once Had Strong Community Support (Post)
  • NewsPost Reprint NBBL Arguments, Accuse DOT of Funny Math on PPW
  • The New Yorker Hops on the Anti-Bike High Horse; Naparstek Responds
  • The New York Times and Gothamist Head to PPW for Man-On-The-Street Interviews
  • Observer Optimistically Labels Bike Lane Backlash “New York’s Last Culture War”
  • David Weprin Trying to Head Off Congestion Pricing With Reintroduction of Commuter Tax (News)
  • Despite Initial Anger, Replacing Astoria Parking With Senior Housing Is a Popular Move (News)
  • Court Says Crash Victim Not Careful Enough, Should Have Seen Red-Light Running Bus Coming (Post)
  • Nancy Gruskin Targets Delivery Cyclists With Safer Cycling Pledge (CBS 2)
  • David Paterson, Back on the Streets, Fears Silent Bikes More Than Noisy Cars (Observer)

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