Today’s Headlines

  • In Familiar Refrain, PPW Bike Lane Opponents Threaten Law Suit “This Week” (Post)
  • The Post Will Not Stop Until Janette Sadik-Khan Loses Her Job
  • Andrea Peyser Takes Personal Credit For Killing 34th St Plaza, Turns Attention to Busway (Post)
  • Police Abuse High-School Teacher for Riding Bike in Brooklyn (L Magazine)
  • Taxi Driver Rejects Fares, Lets Them Out, Runs Them Over (NYT, News)
  • Motorist Drives Off Utica Avenue, Into McDonald’s Play Space, Avoids Charges (Post)
  • Putting Woman in Coma Over a Parking Space Was Self-Defense, Claims Attacker (News, Post)
  • Transit-Rich Downtown Brooklyn May Be Fastest-Growing Community in Country (Bklyn Paper)
  • To Close Deficit, City Targets Employees’ Unpaid Parking Tickets (Post)

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