Today’s Headlines

  • If You Thought Dropping 34th St. Plaza Would Placate the Post, the News, or City Council, Think Again
  • 34th Street BID: “Plaza Was a Problem for Some of Our Building Owners” (Crain’s)
  • Did Macy’s Help Kill 34th St. Plaza Over Once-A-Year Parade on a Different Street? (Transpo Nation)
  • After Getting Parking Ticket, Retired Firefighter Strikes Officer With Metal Pipe (Post)
  • Man Puts Woman in Coma For Trying to Save a Parking Space (Post)
  • SI Advance: Without Sidewalks or Transit, Cutting School Buses Endangers Students
  • “Tomb of the Unknown Cyclist” Ghost Bike to Be Placed in Front of Brooklyn Borough Hall (Bklyn Paper)
  • Presented with East Side Safety Plan, Manhattan CB 11 Worries About Losing Parking (DNAinfo)
  • DOT Plan To Shift Maspeth Truck Traffic Off Local Roads Wins Praise (News)
  • City Council Holds Hearing on “Pothole Pandemonium” (DNAinfo)
  • Bike Champ Praises NYC Improvements, Urges Cyclists To Follow Rules (WSJ)

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