Today’s Headlines

  • Lazy, Dishonest Post Writers Can’t Be Bothered to Check Facts or Tell the Truth About 34th Street
  • Cap’n Transit: Fight for the 34th Street Transitway
  • Transit Know-Nothing Andrea Peyser Spews More Hate at JSK and the Transitway
  • Bike Registration Idiocy Spreads to Albany: DenDekker Wants Annual Fee for Every Bike in NY State (Post)
  • LaHood: Facebook and Twitter Don’t Belong on the Dashboard (NYT)
  • Afghanistan Veteran Killed By Driver After Leaving His Birthday Party in Smithtown (News)
  • One Dead, Three Injured After Driver Slams Into Utility Pole Off the Belt Parkway (News)
  • Passenger Hijacks Cab, Drives Like Maniac, Crashes Into Pole at Union Square (News, NYT)
  • Gotham Gazette Forgot to Interview Council Members Who Support Safe Streets for Biking
  • Pete Donohue Scorns MTA’s Legal Challenge to TWU Raises (News)
  • Steve “The Cuozz” Cuozzo Just Plain Hates People

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