Today’s Headlines

  • Oil Prices Spike, Stocks Tumble as Absolutist Regimes Wobble in Middle East (NYT)
  • Police Brutalize Bronx Teenager For Riding Bike on Sidewalk (NewsPost)
  • Start Your Day Off Crazy With Steve Cuozzo’s Latest 34th Street Rant (Post)
  • Brooklyn Brewery Owner: “Safe Streets” Isn’t An Abstraction, It’s Hundreds of Lives Saved (News)
  • Brooklyn Paper Rehashes Latest Marcia Kramer PPW Hit Job
  • Before Trying to Undo PPW Redesign, NBBL Member Fought for Right to Double-Park (Brooklyn Spoke)
  • State Gets Green Kudos For Spending Stimulus on Transit and Fix-It-First Projects (Times Union)
  • New Jersey Budget Offers Transpo Funding Increase, With Buses the Priority (Transpo Nation)
  • Midtown Residents Want Charter Buses Off Streets, in New Parking Lots (DNAinfo)
  • “Sidewalk Rage” Newest Media-Hyped Fear (Though Adding More Ped Space Would Help) (1010WINS)

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